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Our Company

Vox Carrier optimises, accelerates and simplifies International Voice and messaging through innovating in technology, platforms and processes. We serve operators, carriers, aggregators and enterprises worldwide delivering an array of services such as A2P messaging, service monetization and operational outsourcing.

We’re bringing Voice into the future and turning a pain point into new profitability.

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Vision Statement

Our vision is a market where MNOs and Service Providers can simply and easily optimise, accelerate and secure their Voice and messaging businesses

Social Responsibility

VOX CARRIER’s business philosophy is built on a foundation of integrity, responsibility and respect for human values and culture, while its strength comes from its people.

Therefore, VOX CARRIER repeatedly chooses to invest in societal welfare and the well-being and education of children. By giving these individuals a chance, it is paving the way for a more productive and prosperous future.

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Voice and Messaging are Vox Carrier’s core services – its in our DNA. We value innovation and automation and are utilising AI within our services. We are continually transforming and innovating in our technology, platform and processes to deliver reliability, quality and performance.


VOX CARRIER offers carriers and customers high-quality voice services, for which we provide different quality layers, at competitive prices, in order to match the product profile desired by our partners. To guarantee maximum operational efficiency, VOX CARRIER monitors its offered network on a twenty-four-hour daily basis.


We are offering, at very competitive prices, high-quality A2P SMS. Our extensive global network and 24/7 quality monitoring will allow us to deliver your messages anywhere. To ensure top-quality SMS termination and exchange for our trusted partners, we will also provide messaging filtering services.


With Cloud Communication you can choose a Number as a Service or a SIP trunk and bring your services to the forefront of the telecommunications industry. With Number as a service you can forward your calls to any location worldwide and the SIP trunking provides inbound and outbound access to voice services delivered via Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

SMS A2P Monetization

In the current telecom ecosystem most operators have no control over the messages (SMS A2P) that pass through their networks. VOX Carrier offers an effective MNO A2P monetization solution, powered by its proprietary technology and intelligence. This solution guarantees results as it gives MNOs full control over their networks by securing the SMS traffic of their customers and increasing the monetization abilities of A2P SMS. Find out more


In order to guarantee our partner’s efficiency, VOX CARRIER offers its partners wholesale services management. Whether it's voice or SMS, VOX CARRIER’s dedicated team of professionals will take over the management of your wholesale traffic and ensure the prosperity of your services while simultaneously helping you reduce your OPEX and CAPEX.


The Team

Our team consists of highly trained telecom specialists. Our development plan includes expanding the team with dynamic and talented telecom professionals. We are looking for colleagues that are searching for an opportunity to grow professionally, guided by the same values: integrity, devotion, proven efficiency that bring added value to each of our partners.


We are constantly looking for valuable people to join our company and favor its successful development. Our Career section is here to help us find them. If you are willing to join a cutting edge telecom company, if you are willing to face new challenges and achieve success in a dynamic industry, then we are the perfect spot for you.

Depending on our job openings or our near future needs, we will assess any candidate that sends us a resume at career@voxcarrier.com.

Available jobs

Please send us your resume at career@voxcarrier.com.




We are headquartered in Hong Kong with a strong presence in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, North America and LATAM.

Our regional offices are in Hong Kong, UAE, Cyprus, Malta and we have satellite offices in Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Jamaica, France, Sweden, Hungary, Cyprus, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Norway, Czech Republic, Malta. Our local representatives are in Malaysia, UK, Italy, US, Switzerland, Senegal, Kenya.


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